Please note that while we aim to supply our kits with plug-and-play wiring harnesses, professional installation and wire diagram testing prior to installation are highly recommended!

Thanks for purchasing a Daiko product! Please refer to the diagrams below for smoother installation:

  1. GPS Antenna:

   - Provides GPS signal reception for navigation purposes.


  1. 4-Pin USB Cable:

   - Allows connection of USB devices such as flash drives for media playback or data transfer.


  1. 6-Pin USB Cable:

   - Used for connecting USB devices, providing additional power or data capabilities compared to the 4-pin USB cable.


  1. Reverse Camera Input RCA Connector:

   - Connects the reverse camera to the stereo for displaying the rear-view video feed when the vehicle is in reverse.

NOTE: Please connect the reverse camera connector even if you are not using it for a reverse camera! Some models have built-in Bluetooth and WiFi antennas built into this connector!


  1. External Microphone:

   - Used for hands-free calling and voice commands, providing better audio quality by placing the microphone closer to the user. Please plug it into MIC input in the harness 6.


  1. Auxiliary Audio and Video Connectors and 4G SIM-card Slot (for PRO and ULTRA models only):

   - Auxiliary Audio and Video Connectors: Allow connection of external audio and video sources.

   - 4G SIM-card Slot: Enables mobile data connectivity for internet access and online services.


  1. 4G Antenna (for PRO and ULTRA models only):

   - Enhances signal reception for mobile data connectivity when using a 4G SIM card.


  1. Main Vehicle Specific 16-pin Harness:

   - Connects the stereo to the vehicle's existing wiring, providing power, audio, and control signals tailored to the specific vehicle model.


  1. Main Universal 16-pin Harness (for hardwired installation):

   - Allows for a more generic installation, connecting the stereo to the vehicle's wiring by manually matching power, audio, and control signals.


If your wiring kit comes with a CANBus module, please make sure the box is connected to the main harness and the 8-pin connector is firmly plugged into the appropriate slot of the head unit.