The standby period for a car Android head unit typically refers to the amount of time the head unit can remain in a low-power or standby mode when the car's ignition is turned off. During this standby period, the head unit may continue to perform certain functions, such as maintaining settings, keeping the clock running, or enabling features like instant-on when you start the car.

The duration of the standby period can vary depending on the head unit's design and settings. Some head units allow users to configure how long the unit remains in standby mode before completely powering down to conserve battery power. This feature can be useful to ensure that the head unit is ready for use when you return to the car without completely draining the vehicle's battery during long periods of inactivity.

The 4-core head unit can remain in standby period for up to 1 hour, the 8-core version up to 3 days.

The 4-core model instructions are below.

Please go to Settings:

Car settings:

Shutdown delay

Change to 1 hour: