Some of our head units are supplied with CANBus adapters. What are they for?

A Canbus adapter for a car's head unit serves as a communication interface between the head unit and the vehicle's Controller Area Network (CANbus) system. It allows the head unit to access and control various car functions and data, such as steering wheel controls, vehicle diagnostics, and information like vehicle speed and fuel consumption. This adapter ensures that the head unit integrates seamlessly with the car's electronics, providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for the driver.

Some CANBus adapters work straight away, but some of them require a software to be uploaded to the head unit to allow full integration. It's not hard to do, let's see:

1. Connect the head unit to WiFi. It can be your home Wifi or mobile hotspot

2. Settings:

3. Car Settings:


4. Extra Settings:

5. Password 123456

6. Model Choose:

7. Choose the CANbus adapter manufacturer, car make and model and press Public and ok. The software will download, please press ok to download and install it. If everything is done correctly, the head unit wil lrestart after this procedure completed: