Q: Will it fit my car?

A: Please send a photo of your dashboard to hello@smartsolutionsstore.co.nz, we will check and advise the best option


Q: What is included in the kit?

A: Our kits include the head unit, plastic dash fascia, wiring harness, auxiliary audio and video input/output cables, GPS antenna, external microphone (optional), canbus if needed for installation.


Q: Are your installation kits plug and play? Can I install it myself?

A: Whereas our kits come with plug and play wiring harness and suitable for DIY installation, sometimes the installation require hard wiring, especially when reverse camera retention or installation involved, which require some knowledge of automobile electrical equipment.


Q: Will my steering wheel control buttons work?

A: Yes, the steering wheel control buttons will work, if installed correctly. Please check our blog about steering wheel controls.


Q: Does your units have NZ radio? Do I need to install FM band expander?

A: Our units support NZ radio range 87.5-108MHz, no band expander needed. Most of our head units support AM as well, please check the head unit description.


Q: Does this head unit support factory reverse cameras?

A: Yes, our head units support factory reverse cameras, however, as the head units come with RCA camera video input and original cameras have their own connectors, the camera connection will require hardwiring or using a camera retention adapter. Our kits don’t include camera retention adapter as a standard wiring harness. Please check available camera adapters here. Please note, even when using an adapter for camera retention, some hard wire connection will be required to power up the camera.


Q: My car comes with a factory amplifier, will your head unit work with it?

A: Yes, our head unit work with factory amplifiers (JBL, Rockford Fosgate, Bose, etc) with the correct wiring harness and canbus supplied. Please let us know about your situation when placing the order.


Q: Do you provide installation services?

A: Yes, we can arrange installation of our products in urban Auckland. You can order it online here.


Q: What if it doesn’t fit my car, can I return it?

A: Yes, you can return it within 30 days from purchase if the product is in original condition. Please keep the protective film on the screen until the installation is complete and you are satisfied with the head unit.

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